Md. Alamgir Kabir

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Bangladesh has announced every Government & Non -Government school and colleges must website. The Web sites have to include all data and information every school and colleges. The goal of this initiative is to ensure equal quality of education and to provide education to the remote areas of the country. Though is a very new concept yet an appreciable(More)
Business critical web applications are the most popular services provided to the client by the financial sector. These applications are bringing handsome revenue for the financial industry every year. These services are also a frequent target of attackers. Poor coding practice leads applications to vulnerability that are exploited by attackers. Information(More)
Jute fiber reinforced low density polyethylene (LDPE) composites and glass fiber reinforced LDPE composites were prepared at variable proportions using compression molding technique at 120 °C. Few physical and mechanical properties such as bulk density, water absorption%, tensile strength, elongation at break (Eb%), Young's modulus, flexural stress and(More)
Web applications or services play an important rolein present day to day life. They have impact on the developmentof both individual and a country. Easy access to services suchas online education, banking, reservation, shopping, resources, and information sharing have been proven most efficient forevery day life. Various government and private organizations(More)
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