Md Aktaruzzaman

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Salivary gland tumours are relatively uncommon and most of the tumours arise from parotid gland. Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) is advised preoperatively as diagnostic tool but sometimes found to shown both false positive and false negative results. This study was aimed to find out distribution of neoplasm of major salivary glands and also to(More)
Labor exposes the fetus to repetitive transient hypoxic stress. We assessed whether such events modify the regularity of the fetal inter-beat interval series (fRR), using an in-vivo near-term sheep model, by means of entropy measures. Umbilical cord occlusions (UCO), from partial to complete, were applied to 7 near-term pregnant sheep. Fetal blood samples(More)
Lempel-Ziv Complexity (LZC) has been demonstrated to be a powerful complexity measure in several biomedical applications. During sleep, it is still not clear how many samples are required to ensure robustness of its estimate when computed on beat-to-beat interval series (RR). The aims of this study were: i) evaluation of the number of necessary samples in(More)
Aims: Sample Entropy (SampEn) is a powerful approach for characterizing heart rate variability regularity. On the other hand, autoregressive (AR) models have been employed for maximum-entropy spectral estimation for more than 40 years. The aim of this study is to explore the feasibility of a parametric approach for SampEn estimation through AR models. We(More)
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