Md. Akkas Ali

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Automatic recognition of spoken words is one of the most challenging tasks in the field of speech recognition. The difficulty of this task is due to the acoustic similarity of many of the words and their syllabi. Accurate recognition requires the system to perform fine phonetic distinctions. This paper presents a technique for recognizing spoken words in(More)
Voice recognition is an important and active research area of the recent years. This research aims to build a system for voice recognition using dynamic time wrapping algorithm, by comparing the voice signal of the speaker with pre-stored voice signals in the database, and extracting the main features of the speaker voice signal using Mel-frequency cepstral(More)
Voltage sag is considered as one of the most common power quality problems. It may cause sensitive equipment to malfunction and process interruption. This paper investigates the effect of placement of STATCOM to mitigate voltage sags in power system network. The simulation results show that it is effective to place one STATCOM in low voltage network and(More)
This study presents optimal placement of voltage sag monitors based on new Sag Occurrence Index (SOI) which ensures observability even in case of monitor failure or line outages. Multiple solutions for optimal placement of voltage sag monitors for voltage sag detection have been obtained by genetic algorithm approach such that observability of the whole(More)
In this paper, voltage sags produced by balanced and unbalanced short circuits are analyzed by means of stochastic assessment methods, i.e., analytical and fault position method. These methods have been tested and compared through simulations on 5-bus standard test system. All the simulations were carried out using a code developed in MATLAB. Simulation(More)
CBL and CIPK genes are play a major role during abiotic stresses through Ca mediated signaling pathway. This study was aimed to investigate efficient Agrobacterium mediated transformation of the two indica rice cultivars viz., BRRI dhan 47 and BRRI dhan 53, independently with PsCBL and PsCIPK gene of pea (Pisum sativum) to enhance abiotic stress tolerance(More)
1 2 Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science & Technology University, Gopalganj, Bangladesh Lecturer, Dept. of CSE, Lecturer, Dept. of EEE,, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka, Bangladesh Professor, Dept. of CSE, Abstract: Wireless sensor networks have potential(More)
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