Md. Ahasan Habib

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Underwater acoustic sensor networks (UASNs) consist of movable and stationary nodes, which usually communicate using the acoustic channel. Underwater acoustic communication networks are particularly susceptible to malicious attacks due to the high transmission power requirements, rapidly changing channel characteristics, multi-path echoes, high bit error(More)
Localizing event-related cortical sources is a key factor while developing a computationally efficient Brain Computer Interface (BCI). This paper proposes a unified application of wavelet-based Maximum Entropy on the Mean (wMEM), as a channel selection method, for classifying two motor imagery (MI) tasks using optimal electroencephalography (EEG) sources.(More)
In this paper we report a porous-core photonic crystal fiber having low material loss and nearly zero dispersion which is suitable for THz wave transmission. This proposed design exhibits a low effective material loss which is approximately 0.225 dB/cm at an operating frequency 1.0 THz and nearly zero flattened dispersion of ± 0.05 ps/THz/cm at(More)
A novel low loss porous core photonic crystal fiber (PCF) is proposed in this paper for terahertz (THz) wave propagation. In order to investigate the guiding properties and numerical simulations, finite element method based COMSOL v4.2 software is used. Only circular air holes are used in this proposed structure so the design is easy to realize and(More)
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