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111604-7373 IJCEE-IJENS © August 2011 IJENS I J E N S Abstract— The shearing strength and volumetric relationship of granular materials change notably with a variation of confining pressure. In this study the effect confining pressure on the mechanical behavior of granular materials were observed using discrete element method (DEM). The triaxial tests were(More)
Live Bird Markets (LBMs) in Asian countries are considered as hubs for the spread and maintenance of different infectious diseases. In Bangladesh, LBMs are the major source of live and dressed poultry to consumers and until now only a few studies have been conducted targeting infectious agent status such as avian influenza virus (AIV) prevalence of LBMs in(More)
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), isolated from different adult sources, have great appeal for therapeutic applications due to their simple isolation, extensive expansion potential, and high differentiative potential.In our previous studies we isolated MSCs form amniotic fluid (AF-MSCs) and skin (S-MSCs) and characterized them according to their phenotype,(More)
Malignant mesothelioma (MM) is a very aggressive, lethal cancer, and its incidence is increasing worldwide. Development of multi-drug resistance, therapy related side-effects, and disease recurrence after therapy are the major problems for the successful treatment of MM. Emerging evidence indicates that dietary phytochemicals can exert anti-cancer(More)
Bangladesh has a large population of goats, which contribute to the income, nutrition and welfare of the households of many families. Mastitis in goats has a low incidence, but is often very severe, making veterinary care necessary. The aim of this study was to identify seasonality and risk factors for goat mastitis in a hospital-based matched case-control(More)
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