Md. Abu Sayed

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In this paper, we presented the design and development of a new integrated device for measuring heart rate using fingertip to improve estimating the heart rate. As heart related diseases are increasing day by day, the need for an accurate and affordable heart rate measuring device or heart monitor is essential to ensure quality of health. However, most(More)
Low water consumption in rural areas in Jordan had resulted in the production of concentrated grey water. Average COD, BOD and TSS values were 2568mg/l, 1056mg/l and 845mg/l, respectively. The average grey water generation was measured to be 14L/c.d. Three different treatment options were selected based on certain criterions, and discussed in this article.(More)
Skunk cabbage (Symplocarpus renifolius) blooms in early spring and its inflorescence, referred to as the spadix, can produce enough heat to melt snow. Here, we investigated glycolytic carbon flow at the PEP branch-point in thermogenic spadices. Our analyses revealed that petals and pistils in thermogenic florets exhibited higher expression of SrPEPC and(More)
Four rodent control techniques-sustained baiting (SB) with cournachlor. pulsed baiting (PB) with brodifacoum. a lethal electrified barrier (LEB), and a nonlethal electrified barrier (NLEB)-were evaluated on the experimental fann of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in the Philippines. A fifth treatment (no experimental rodent control) was(More)
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