Md. Abu Naser Bikas

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Nowadays it is very important to maintain a high level security to ensure safe and trusted communication of information between various organizations. But secured data communication over internet and any other network is always under threat of intrusions and misuses. So Intrusion Detection Systems have become a needful component in terms of computer and(More)
ABSTRACT Vehicular adhoc network or VANET is special types of adhoc network consists of moving cars referred to as nodes; provide a way to exchange any information between cars without depending on fixed infrastructure. For efficient communication between nodes various routing protocols and mobility models have been proposed based on different scenarios.(More)
Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs) have been recently attracting an increasing attention from both research and industry communities. The emerging and promising VANET technology is distinguished from mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) and wireless sensor networks (WSN) by large-scale deployed autonomous nodes with abundant exterior assisted information, high(More)
Intrusion detection systems have become a standard component of network security infrastructure now-a-days. So far, several IDS s have been proposed. And they all have there own limitations as well as advantages. But there has been not enough significant works to put them all together and discuss their merits and demerits in a comparative manner. So when(More)
Developing a Bangla OCR requires bunch of algorithm and methods. There were many effort went on for developing a Bangla OCR. But all of them failed to provide an error free Bangla OCR. Each of them has some lacking. We discussed about the problem scope of currently existing Bangla OCR‟s. In this paper, we present the basic steps required for developing a(More)
Computer networks are one of those unique gifts of modern science which enriched human life with the blessing of global connectivity. But as the network advanced, intrusions and misuses followed. Consequently, network security has come into issue. Now-a-days intrusion detection systems have become a standard component in security infrastructures. Intrusions(More)
Vehicular ad hoc network is formed by cars which are called nodes; allow them to communicate with one another without using any fixed road side unit. It has some unique characteristics which make it different from other ad hoc network as well as difficult to define any exact mobility model and routing protocols because of their high mobility and changing(More)
Now-a-day, the importance of automatic traffic monitoring has drawn the attention to the intelligent transport systems. A number plate is the unique identification of a vehicle. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is designed to locate and recognize the number plate of a moving vehicle automatically. For Bangladeshi Vehicles there are no fixed rules(More)