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Background: The increasing number of latent and manifest hyperuricemia is important concerning differential diagnosis in neurological and psychiatric diseases. The pathological importance of hyperuricemia in these diseases is particularly unknown. Previous studies have shown that uric acid (UA) estimation in cerebrospinal fluid was made with neurological(More)
Serum potassium was measured within 24 hours in 156 patients (48 male, 108 female) with an average age of 81.9 years admitted to the unit with acute illness. Of the 156 patients, 88 (56.4%) were taking diuretics (none was on ACE inhibitors); 20 patients (12.8%) were also on digoxin therapy. In all, 24 patients (16%) had hypokalaemia and 3 (2%)(More)
Objectives: Ethnic heterogeneity is reported to be one of the causes of variation regarding the effect of obesity as a risk of chronic diseases. Indians with their unique ethnic background may prove to be good subjects of study to demonstrate whether serum adiponectin level could act as a marker of ethnic diversity. Materials and Methods: Among the 1500(More)
Fifty-one patients aged over 65 years with chronic pain entered an open study to assess the efficacy and tolerance of low-dose (0.1 mg) sub-lingual buprenorphine administered 3 to 4-times a day over a 14-day period. There was significant improvement in symptoms during the treatment period and the drug was well tolerated, with good compliance. Patients aged(More)
The therapeutic efficacy of long acting diltiazem 300 mg od (Tildiem LA) was compared with sustained release nifedipine 20 mg bd and bendrofluazide 5 mg od in a multicentre study with 230 patients diagnosed with mild to moderate essential hypertension, with 77, 77 and 76 randomized to the diltiazem, nifedipine SR and bendrofluazide groups respectively.(More)
Introduction: Present work aims to study and elucidate the safety profile of the antiepileptic doses of gabapentin during pregnancy, and to evaluate if any gabapentin induced murine fetotoxicity at different dose levels. Methods: A total of 60 pregnant mice divided into a total of 12 groups, of 5 mice each were exposed to gabapentin in 4 different doses of(More)