Md. Abdus Sobhan

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Cognitive Radio (CR) detects a unused licensed spectrum and assign it to secondary users using particular assigning method without interfering with the transmission of licensed user. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) driven Software Define Radio (SDR) device senses the status of a spectrum availability and assign to the CR users without less(More)
Wavelet transform is used in signal processing to represent a statistical random signal in to various frequency components. The transform converts the signal into approximation coefficient and detail coefficients; the mean of each coefficient for a noiseless signal is ideally zero but the mean of the coefficients for a noisy signal is shifted from zero. The(More)
This paper presents an approach of face recognition system using Backpropagation learning neural network algorithm introducing appearance and shape based facial features to enhance the efficiency with different lighting variations. To extract the appearance and shape based facial feature, Active Appearance Model (AMM) has been applied. Appearance based(More)
For the measurement of e-Government performance indicators, the national web portal (NWP) of a country plays a significant role. Bangladesh government took many steps for e-Government initiatives on ground and online which are not properly documented in the online version. The NWP of Bangladesh is not adequately enriched with e-Information and e-Services(More)
Spectral analysis is only applicable to stationary signals and most of the real signals in many practical applications are non-stationary. Time-frequency methods are applied to analyze non-stationary signals and this paper presents different time-frequency methods to analyze a modulated random signal through a multi-path fading channel with emphasis on(More)
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