Md Abdul Wahed

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We introduced flocculant-disinfectant water treatment for 12 weeks in 103 households in Bangladesh to assess if drinking water would be chemically and microbiologically improved and the body burden of arsenic reduced. The median concentration of arsenic in tubewell water decreased by 88% after introduction of the flocculant-disinfectant from 136 microg/l at(More)
A low profile, dual frequency probe-fed Microstrip antenna with E-shape radiating patch is designed and proposed for S-band and C-band applications. The purpose of this work is to obtain a dual frequency antenna with high gain and less return loss at the intended frequencies. The operating frequencies of the proposed antenna are 3.51 GHz and 5.82 GHz which(More)
Previous studies showed better absorption of protein and catch-up growth with animal-based high protein (15% energy from protein) diets (AP) than plant-based diets. This study compared the intake and absorption of nutrients from a lentil-based high protein (15% energy from protein) diet (LenP), AP, and a low protein (7.5% energy from protein) diet (LP). A(More)
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