Md. Abdul Mukit

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Nowadays it is very important to maintain a high level security to ensure safe and trusted communication of information between various organizations. But secured data communication over internet and any other network is always under threat of intrusions and misuses. So Intrusion Detection Systems have become a needful component in terms of computer and(More)
Intrusion detection can be defined as the method of identifying malicious activities that target a network and its resources. The main use of intrusion detection systems (IDS) is to detect attacks against information systems and networks. A main difficulty in the field of intrusion detection is the organization of alerts. Normally IDS's produced(More)
The concept behind this particular aspect lies on the fact to determine and customize the simplicity and the most basic scenario. The basicity lies on the fact that we have been using the concept of Data Mining and even the algorithms are included that merely includes the efficiency of NIDS that is Network Intrusion Detection System. We have seen a lot of(More)
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