Md. A. K. Khan

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Since the early-1960's, when modern rice production technologies became available, more than 90% of the total irrigation water developed in south and southeast Asia is used for rice culture. But currently rice culture is highly inefficient in water use. As fresh water availability for agriculuture is becoming increasingly scarce, greater efficiency of water(More)
Vendor selection is a strategic issue in supply chain management for any organization to identify the right supplier. Such selection in most cases is based on the analysis of some specific criteria. Most of the researches so far concentrate on multi-criteria decision-making analysis. Though many approaches have been proposed, analytic hierarchy process(More)
A good number of people are living at rural side in Bangladesh. They have right to get proper electricity, like any other basic human needs. Bangladesh despite having the enormous energy resources but it's facing acute shortage of Electricity. Scientists and engineers are thinking over day and night about this issue; try to provide possible solution to(More)
In this research work we have investigated the pathways of nuclear radiation transferring to human via environment to establish a computational model to estimate its contaminant amount calculating the effective doses on environment as well as on human. For this, first we have independently considered three pathways of exposure- Airborne releases of(More)
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