McWelling Todman

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the features and modes of adaptation to aging among Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) enrollees. SETTING Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. PARTICIPANTS A sample of 156 MMT enrollees (103/66 percent males and 53/34 percent females) age 24-68 years. Twenty-nine percent of participants were aged 55 or older. DESIGN A(More)
Studies of boredom and boredom proneness in non-psychiatric and clinical populations have demonstrated that trait and state boredom are associated with depressive mood and a number of other untoward outcomes, many of which are potentially relevant to the care of patients with a severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI). For example, in a recent study(More)
19 chronically psychotic outpatients who had consistently expressed doubt about their need for psychotropic medication provided significantly more inflated estimates of their performance on a problem-solving task than 18 subjects who had not expressed such skepticism. The findings are consistent with the view that the observed relationship between denial of(More)
OBJECTIVE Intrusive negative affect and concurrent deficits in positive affect are hallmarks of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We sought to further extend the extant literature by exploring the experience of negative affect intrusion upon potentially positive situations (here termed, "negative affect interference," NAI). METHOD Two studies with(More)
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