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Data from four microsatellite loci developed for the common garter snake, Thamnophis sirtalis, show that multiple paternity is common in a natural population on Beaver Island, Michigan. Six of eight litters tested, and all litters with five or more neonates, were multiply sired. At least triple paternity was documented in the largest litter examined (n = 13(More)
Due to conflicting reports on the possible association between shortening of rapid eye movement (REM) latency and increased cortisol secretion in patients with severe depression, this study examined the relationship between REM sleep latency and nocturnal cortisol concentration in 12 outpatients with major depression. The results showed a significant(More)
In this paper we present data concerning impurity sources and transport in a tokamak with a divertor and molybdenum first wall. A spectrometer, viewing visible and UV light, has been used to take time dependent spectra of C, 0, and Mo from both the divertor and the inner limiter surfaces. In the divertor the sputtering threshold for Mo is not normally(More)
A series of experiments has been carried out on Alcator C-Mod to compare impurity penetration between similar limiter and divertor discharges. Known amounts of recycling impurities (Ar and Ne) and non-recycling impurities (N 2 and CH 4) are injected by gas puffing, and the fraction ending up in the plasma is deduced from spectroscopic measurements. The(More)
Neutral density profiles have been derived along the outboard di-vertor target of Alcator C-Mod and inside the last closed flux surface (LCFS). Local H, emission rates are obtained by a tomographic inversion of measured Ha brightness profiles. Electron temperatures and densities provided by a divertor Langmuir probe array are then used to calculate the(More)
Imbalances between the inboard and outboard legs of the single null divertor in tokamak Alcator C-Mod are observed to reverse when the direction of the toroidal field is reversed. These imbalances are measured by embedded probes in the target plates, tomographic reconstructions of bolometry and line radiation, and visible imaging. Density imbalances of(More)