Mazzueen Md. Khalid

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Rapid development of tourism has created major challenges in planning and managing the environment. This is due to the need to provide attractive tourism sites and supporting products such as accommodations and transportation networks as well as protecting the environment. This study used GIS to map and measure land use transformation from 1970s to 2000s(More)
Traditional Malay house design is not the crucial element to be considered under the development planning of Malaysia. It is because the modernization and urbanization in Malaysia is most important thing to get entitle of successful country in a few years. So, this approach was resulting in the disappearance of its own identity in Malaysia. This study is(More)
Spatial planning analysis towards conservation of Malay traditional house landscape characteristics is one of the important element in our country. It is because, this element is one of the uniqueness symbol that show the Malay culture in Malaysia and have a big potential for future development. So, to promote this symbol as a Malaysian identity, the(More)
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