Maznan Deraman

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Fibres from oil palm empty fruit bunches, generated in large quantities by palm oil mills, were processed into self-adhesive carbon grains (SACG). Untreated and KOH-treated SACG were converted without binder into green monolith prior to N2-carbonisation and CO2-activation to produce highly porous binderless carbon monolith electrodes for supercapacitor(More)
Network behaviour analysis (NBA) is a system that analyses the network data stream or packets characteristics. NBA commonly associated with network intrusion detection and prevention system (IDS/IPS), as the mechanism used in NBA is well known for its capability to discover the hidden information in network packets. Among popular methods empowered the NBA(More)
Network intrusion detection system (NIDS) commonly attributed to the task to mitigate network and security attacks that has potential to compromise the safety of a network resources and its information. Research in this area mainly focuses to improve the detection method in network traffic flow. Machine learning techniques had been widely used to analyze(More)
Material and method: Rough cotton linters just cropped, alpha-cellulose from paper grade hemp obtained by means of Norman and Jenkins delignification followed by extraction with 24% KOH, and wood meal (Populus spec. 40/60 mesh ASTM, unextracted) were acidified by soaking in HCI (0.1 N) and subsequent washing to neutrality in freshly distilled demineralized(More)
Material and method: The propagation phenomena of ultrasonic waves in wood are governed by Christoffel's equations. The slope of grain measurement is deduced fi'om the corresponding propagation law in LT or LR symmetry planes (L,R,T are the principal symmetry directions). Ultrasonic velocities were measured using the equipment with the following main(More)
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