Mazlin Bin Mokhtar

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Increasing population and urbanization pose a huge challenge for municipal authorities to select suitable landfill site to dispose the increasing quantities of solid waste. Wrong landfill siting can result in social, environmental and economic cost. Therefore, suitable approaches are required to select landfill sites because that can enhance sound waste(More)
— Prediction of the accurate amount of solid waste is difficult work because several parameters affect it. There is a high degree of fluctuation in the prediction of amount of solid waste generation. Therefore, applying neural network as intelligent system can be a good option. In a tourist area such as Langkawi Island, protection of the area and pollution(More)
Municipal solid waste (MSW) is the natural result of human activities. MSW generation modeling is major significant in municipal solid waste management system planning. Predicting the amount of generated waste is difficult task because it is affect by various parameters. In this research, Artificial Neural Network (ANN) was trained and tested to weekly(More)
Hypercholesterolemia is one of the most common chronic diseases in human. Along with chemical therapy traditional medication is used as hypocholesterolemic remedy, however, with unfavorable side effects. Recently, Monascus fermented product (MFP) has become a popular hypocholesterolemic natural supplement. In the present study, the hypocholesterolemic(More)
The computational approach is adopted and customized, as per the demand and requirement of scientific applications. The computational process is used for weather forecasting, land change detection and many more environmental applications. The Water Quality Index (WQI) computations are a process to determine the level of water in line to the purity(More)
Disasters including natural and manmade make heavy losses in life and property each year. This subject can affect society, economy, and environment and can be a serious threat for development. In 10 years ago over 200 million people are have been effected both life and property. This figure is seven times more than losses in war. After the earthquake in Bam(More)
Various water budget elements such as water supply to the, ground water recharge, and change in storage are predicted by Water Budget Method for a period of 2.5 years. The predicted water budget elements are evaluated by UKM Meteorological station data. The results show that the modelling undertaken is on the flow of the water and calculation of the water(More)
Chemical classification and labelling systems may be roughly similar from one country to another but there are significant differences too. In order to harmonize various chemical classification systems and ultimately provide consistent chemical hazard communication tools worldwide, the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals(More)
INTRODUCTION The generation and management of municipal solid waste (MSW) are global issues, which are considered as socio-environmental problems resulting from consumption and production cycles. All mass-produced, commercialized and used products are finally transformed into waste in this way; fully or partially. Because consumption is increasing rapidly,(More)
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