Mazin Z. Othman

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Four species of synanthropic flies were trapped in downtown Kuala Lumpur: Chrysomya megacephala, Chrysomya rufifacies, Musca domestica, and Musca sorbens. Burkholderia pseudomallei, the organism causing melioidosis, was the dominant bacteria isolated from Chrysomya megacephala. Klebsiella oxytoca, commonly associated with nosocomial infections, was commonly(More)
The most suitable and generalized neural network that represents the control system dynamics is the Elman Neural Network (ENN). This is due to its ability to memorize and emulate the system states. Moreover, ENNs learned by Genetic algorithms are found to be more representative to system order in terms of its structural complexity in comparison to those(More)
This study introduces a new method for detecting, sorting, and localizing spikes from multiunit EEG recordings. The method combines the wavelet transform, which localizes distinctive spike features, with Super-Paramagnetic Clustering (SPC) algorithm, which allows automatic classification of the data without assumptions such as low variance or Gaussian(More)
Dr. Mazin Z. Othman * & Dr. Arif A. Al-Qassar Received on: 10/4/2008 Accepted on: 4/12/2008 Abstract In this work, the Genetic Algorithm (GA) is used to improve the performance of Learning Vector Quantization Neural Network (LVQ-NN), simulation results show that the GA algorithm works well in pattern recognition field and it converges much faster than(More)
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