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Dynamic RAM (DRAM) has been the best technology for main memory for over thirty years. In embedded space applications, radiation hardened DRAM is needed because gamma rays cause transient errors; such rad-hard memories are extremely expensive and power hungry, leading to lower life (or increased battery weight) for satellite and other devices operating in(More)
Reliability is of great practical importance in distributed computing systems (DCSs) due to its immediate impact on system performance, i.e., quality of service. The issue of reliability becomes more crucial particularly for ‘cost-conscious’ DCSs like grids and clouds. Unreliability brings about additional—often excessive—capital(More)
  • Mazin Yousif
  • 2010
Cloud Computing is an emerging computing paradigm envisioned to change all IT landscape facets including technology, business, services and human resources. It is a consumer/delivery model that offers IT capabilities as services, billed based on usage. Many such cloud services can be envisioned, but the leading ones are IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service),(More)