Maziar Mashaei

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Handling and locating pallet system is one of the most important subsystems in a flexible production plant. The impact of pallet systems parameters on process and energy efficiency of production plants has been verified and examined by a number of studies in the literature. In this paper, introducing novel design constraints for pallets and buffers, a new(More)
For flexible manufacturing systems, there are normally some durations in which a number of machines are idle and do not process any parts. Devising a control policy to turn off the idle machines and reduce their level of energy consumption is a significant contribution towards the green manufacturing paradigm. This paper addresses the design of such a(More)
A proper control of a system to get a desired function and increase the system lifetime is a crucial step towards the sustainable paradigm. In this paper, such a control is designed for a cyclic pallet system to achieve a minimal force on its drive unit, meet safety conditions on the system chain tension force and the momentum of pallets, and fulfill the(More)
In a cyclic manufacturing system, the number of pallets in a handling and locating pallet system (HLPS) can have a huge effect on the production cycle time. The complexity of calculating the optimal number of pallets that satisfies the minimal cycle time poses a challenging design problem. In this paper the optimal solution is presented for deterministic(More)
Lean design and control of an automated material handling system is investigated in this study. A universal framework for modeling and analysis of different types of material handling mechanisms is introduced to obtain a minimum number of resources in a system design and fulfill a desired throughput. This framework is developed in a discrete event(More)
Reduction of energy consumed by a manufacturing system to turn raw parts to finished products is a big step towards the green and lean production. In this study the energy efficiency of a one-loop pallet system, a main tool to handle and locate various part types in a cyclic production line, is investigated. The main goal is to obtain the minimal energy(More)
This paper addresses the design of an on-off control strategy for operating robots in a cyclic flow shop plant. The main goal is to properly switch off and on the robots to save energy consumption without any reduction of the plant desired throughput. To fulfill this goal, first mathematical conditions, which characterize movement of parts in the plant and(More)
Lean and agile design and control of an automated material handling system are investigated in this paper. The demands for a minimal number of handling resources and their maximal utilization emphasize the importance of a concurrent structure and control design for a handling mechanism in the conceptual phase. To provide this concurrency, a universal model(More)
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