Mazheruddin H. Syed

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The major advantage of a micro-grid is its ability to run in both grid connected and islanded mode of operation providing higher flexibility and reliability. With increasing popularity of micro-grids and their existence becoming more and more prominent in existing power systems, more stringent adherence to frequency and voltage standards are being requested(More)
Smart grid systems are characterized by high complexity due to interactions between a traditional passive network and active power electronic components, coupled using communication links. Additionally, automation and information technology plays an important role in order to operate and optimize such cyber-physical energy systems with a high(er)(More)
This paper describes scenarios proposed for a control room decision support system aimed at future power network operators. The purpose is to consider the requirements of the future control room from the perspective of the operator under the conditions of a significant frequency excursion incident. The control room visualisation and decision support(More)
The gradual deployment of intelligent and coordinated devices in the electrical power system needs careful investigation of the interactions between the various domains involved. Especially due to the coupling between ICT and power systems a holistic approach for testing and validating is required. Taking existing (quasi-) standardised smart grid system and(More)
With the evolution of power system components and structures driven mainly by renewable energy technologies, reliability of the network could be compromised with traditional control methodologies. Therefore, it is crucial to thoroughly validate and test future power system control concepts before deployment. In this paper, a Controller Hardware in the Loop(More)
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