Mazhar Iqbal Qureshi

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Chloroplasts utilize photons from solar radiation to synthesize energy-rich molecules of ATPs and NADPHs, which are further used in active cellular processes. Multiprotein complexes (MPCs), including photosystems (PSII and PSI), and the cellular architecture responsible for generation of the proton motive force and the subsequent photophosphorylation,(More)
BACKGROUND Bio-aerosols are a potential hazard in hospitals and are mostly produced by hospital staff, patients and visitors. Bio-aerosols are solid or liquid particles pending in the air and they consist of aerosols accompanying micro-organisms or organic compounds of micro-organisms such as endotoxin, metabolite, toxin and other parts of organism. Those(More)
The dehydration-responsive element-binding (DREB) protein/C-Repeat Binding Factors (CBFs) belongs to APETALA2 (AP2) family transcription factors that binds to DRE/CRT cis-element in cold-responsive (COR) genes and induce COR genes. CBFs have been isolated and characterized from evolutionarily diverse plant species. CBF pathway is conserved by CBF regulon(More)
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