Mazhar Iqbal Qureshi

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BACKGROUND Child abuse is prevalent worldwide, although it is often underreported. we describe the pattern of child abuse and neglect presenting to the emergency room of our hospital, the sociocultural changes which brought this about, and suggest ways to deal with this emotionally sensitive issue. PATIENTS AND METHODS Thirteen cases of child abuse and(More)
In an attempt to establish the reference ranges for lymphocyte subsets in children, the distribution of lymphocyte population-bearing surface markers such as CD3 (T cells), CD19 (B cells), CD4 (T helper/inducer cells), CD8 (T suppressor/cytotoxic cells), and CD16 and/or CD56 on CD3- cells (NK cells) has been studied among healthy Saudi Arabian infants and(More)
The age-related changes in absolute and percentage values of lymphocyte subsets in the peripheral blood of healthy children of different ages (1 month to 13 years) were studied by flow cytometry. The absolute and percentage values for most lymphocyte subpopulations differed substantially with age. Comparisons among age groups from infants through adults(More)
BACKGROUND Bio-aerosols are a potential hazard in hospitals and are mostly produced by hospital staff, patients and visitors. Bio-aerosols are solid or liquid particles pending in the air and they consist of aerosols accompanying micro-organisms or organic compounds of micro-organisms such as endotoxin, metabolite, toxin and other parts of organism. Those(More)
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