Mazhar E Nasir

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Nonlinear optical materials comprise the foundation of modern photonics, offering functionalities ranging from ultrafast lasers to optical switching, harmonic and soliton generation. Optical nonlinearities are typically strong near the electronic resonances of a material and thus provide limited tuneability for practical use. Here we show that in plasmonic(More)
O R IG IN A L P A P ER Abstract Hyperbolic metamaterials comprised of an array of plasmonic nanorods provide a unique platform for designing optical sensors and integrating nonlinear and active nanophotonic functionalities. In this work, the waveguiding properties and mode structure of planar anisotropic metamaterial waveguides are characterized(More)
This paper describes the formation of mono-domain highly ordered nanoporous alumina on the scale of a 2 inch diameter silicon wafer by anodization of aluminium evaporated on a patterned SiO(2) mask on a silicon substrate. The position of the ordered pores correlates with holes in the SiO(2) mask, which guide the electric field during anodization and(More)
Gold-core/palladium-shell metamaterials for hydrogen detection are presented. The more than 30% change in both the reflection and transmission from the metamaterial layer that is observed when the layer is exposed to 2% hydrogen mixture is clearly noticeable to the naked eye as a change in the brightness of light transmitted by the metamaterial. This sensor(More)
Anodic porous alumina nanostructures have been fabricated with tapered and cylindrical pores with a spacing of 100 and 200 nm and depth of 180-500 nm. The porous nanostructures were replicated into polymer films to create a moth-eye anti-reflecting surface by a roll-to-roll UV replication process. The angle dependent optical transmission of the resulting(More)
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