Mazhar Ali Shah

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BACKGROUND Triple negative breast cancer is associated with aggressive behavior and high risk of local and regional failure. Aggressive surgical intervention is considered suitable. This makes role of breast conserving therapy (BCT) debatable in these patients. The objective of this study was to compare outcome of BCT for triple negative versus non-triple(More)
There remains a controversy in the literature regarding adequate width of negative surgical margins in breast conservative therapy (BCT). It is now advocated that no tumor on an inked margin is a safe negative margin. Majority of studies on the outcomes of BCT had patients with favorable prognostic factors. Pakistani population has a high expression of(More)
Although carcinoma is rarely metastatic to the thyroid gland, it has an established place in the differential diagnosis of cold nodules on radionuclide thyroid scans in patients with known cancers. A case of metastatic pleomorphic liposarcoma with involvement of the thyroid gland adds to the list of cases of metastases to the thyroid gland. A patient with(More)
The relationship between feeding behavior and performance of 274 feedlot cattle was evaluated using Charolais cross steers from 2 consecutive years averaging 293 ± 41 kg for yr 1 (n = 115) and 349 ± 41 for yr 2 (n = 159). Steers were blocked by BW and assigned to 3 (yr 1) or 4 (yr 2) feedlot pens equipped with a radio frequency identification system(More)
BACKGROUND The Asia-Pacific Breast Initiatives (APBI) I and II registries were established to collect safety data for patients with early stage breast cancer receiving adjuvant docetaxel-based regimens in the Asia-Pacific region. MATERIALS AND METHODS Data from the two registries were combined to perform a safety analysis. Participants in the registry(More)
BACKGROUND Purpose of this study was to assess the resectability rates in un-resectable (Stages III and IV) cancers of the esophagus, to assess the complete pathological response and to compare the efficacy between two chemotherapy regimens. METHODS From January 1999 to June 2002, medical records of the patients with un-resectable esophageal cancers were(More)
The use of the neck region as an injection site in cattle is becoming routine. Use of a blind may reduce aversive behavior caused by the presence of the person administering the injection. To evaluate whether cattle react to the proximity of the stockperson or to the actual injection, one hundred twenty 10-mo-old Angus steers (298 +/- 28 kg of BW; mean +/-(More)