Mazen El-Masri

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BACKGROUND Human bipolar illness is characterized by mood state- and diagnosis-associated abnormalities of cellular cation distribution and transport. These include reduced sodium pump activity and expression and increased intracellular sodium. If these alterations are related to the pathophysiology of the disease, rather than secondary or ancillary(More)
BACKGROUND The pathophysiology of manic-depression may be associated with dysregulation of ion homeostasis. Ouabain is a potent inhibitor of the sodium-potassium adenosine triphosphatase and has been purported to mimic abnormalities seen in acute mania. As manic episodes are believed to be neurotoxic and mood stabilizers have recently been implicated as(More)
BACKGROUND Ouabain-like factor (OLF) and its newly discovered reduced species, dihydroouabain-like factor (Dh-OLF), are mammalian cardenolides whose structural and functional characteristics are similar to the plant-derived compounds ouabain and dihydroouabain. These endogenous compounds are believed to be produced by the adrenals and to constitute part of(More)
PURPOSE Intracerebroventricular (ICV) administration of ouabain, a potent sodium pump inhibitor, has been used to model mania. Antipsychotic agents have demonstrated efficacy in the management of acute mania. This study was undertaken to determine the prophylactic efficacy of olanzapine and haloperidol in the ouabain mania model. METHODS Male(More)
Ouabain-like factor (OLF), a mammalian cardenolide, is a counterpart to plant-derived ouabain and is found in the adrenal, hypothalamus, and blood of several mammalian species. We now report the existence of a mammalian lactone-hydrogenated ouabain-like factor (dihydro-OLF) in secretions from cultured mouse adrenal Y-1 cells. Dihydro-OLF structurally and(More)
Ill phases of bipolar illness are associated with abnormalities in ion regulation and intracellular ion concentrations. Previously, it has been reported that mania is characterised by lower circulating levels of ion regulating endogenous cardenolides, and that bipolar subjects lack the normal seasonal variation of these factors. Since endogenous(More)
This paper outlines the design principles for software project risk management systems. The artifact accounts for the interrelationships among factors belonging to four risk dimensions: project traits, undesirable events, management practices, and project outcomes. We conducted a case survey of 60 software projects and observed patterns of interplay among(More)
Recent research shows that gamification is a valuable tool to improve students’ learning effectiveness. However, its application continues to be limited. Educators remain reluctant to use games due to factors like limited resources, game complexity, inadaptability to various learning-outcomes, weak student involvement, and difficulty to integrate in course(More)
Ouabain is a plant-derived cardiac glycoside that inhibits the catalytic activity of Na(+),K(+)-ATPase (sodium pump; NKA). Dihydroouabain, a derivative of ouabain with a reduced lactone ring, is commonly used as a sodium pump antagonist. It has been assumed that commercially available dihydroouabain is homogeneous. We now report that preparations of(More)