Mazen Alamir

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This paper focuses on the gain in efficiency that may be obtained when using strong variations-like algorithms to solve optimal control problems for switched hybrid nonlinear systems. After a review of existing algorithms, a simple version of a strong variations algorithm is proposed together with some new convergence results. A key features in the proposed(More)
-Some results concerning the constrained receding horizon formulation with infinite and truncated prediction horizon are presented. In this formulation a distinction is made between prediction and control horizons. The main result is a generalization of a known fact for linear systems, namely that, under certain technical requirements, the asymptotic(More)
In this paper, a recently developed model governing the cancer growth on a cell population level with combination of immune and chemotherapy is used to develop a reactive (feedback) mixed treatment strategy. The feedback design proposed here is based on nonlinear constrained model predictive control together with an adaptation scheme that enables the(More)
In this paper, the relation between asymptotic controllability and feedback stabilizability of general nonlinear systems is investigated. It is proved that asymptotic controllability implies for any strictly positive sampling period of a stabilizing feedback in a continuous-discrete time framework. The proof uses receding horizon considerations to construct(More)
In this paper, further results are proposed that concern the design and the convergence of receding horizon nonlinear observers. The key feature is the de nition of observability-radius in relation with a pre-speci ed compact set of initial con gurations. This enables a semi-global convergence result to be derived that turns to be a global convergence(More)
This paper relates recent advances in the design of feedback laws for the 3D movement of an Eel-like robot. Such a robot is under construction in the context of a national French robotic project. The proposed feedback enables the tracking of a desired 3D position of the Eel head as well as the stabilization of the rolling angle. A velocity controller is(More)
In this paper, a graphical signature generation tool is proposed for diagnosis and parametric estimation for nonlinear systems. This tool is based on the definition of a two-dimensional graphical signature obtained by using the history of the output measurements on some moving-horizon window. The underlying idea is that if each parametric variation deforms(More)
The stabilization of nonholonomic systems have focused a lot of attention this last years [see e.g. survey papers 1, 2], in particular because it fails to exist linearizing feedback transformation or static continuous stabilizing state feedback [3] despite they are open-loop controllable [4]. The two main strategies adopted to stabilize these systems are(More)