Mazdak Mojarradi

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The four-gate transistor or G4-FET combines MOSFET and JFET principles in a single SOI device. Experimental results reveal that each gate can modulate the drain current. Numerical simulations are presented to clarifi the mechanisms of operation. The new device shows enhanced Jirnctionality, due to the combinatorial action of the four gates, and opens rather(More)
This paper describes a low voltage to high voltage logic level shifter that has been designed entirely in a low breakdown voltage process. As such, the scalability of the design to higher output levels has not been restricted by the fabrication process used. Further, to increase the output voltage capability of the design, without altering the fabrication(More)
The present study was conducted to investigate the possibility of using PVA-glued laminated panels in place of conventional kitchen countertops namely 32 mm thick MDF and 38 mm thick particleboard. Three types of glued laminated panels were manufactured by laminating two 16 mm thick MDFs, two 16 mm thick particleboards, and three 12 mm thick particleboards(More)
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