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Traumatic brain injury can lead to the neurodegenerative disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy. This condition has a clear neuropathological definition but the relationship between the initial head impact and the pattern of progressive brain pathology is poorly understood. We test the hypothesis that mechanical strain and strain rate are greatest in(More)
The oblique impact methods of motorcycle helmet standards prescribe using an isolated headform. However, in accidents the presence of the body may influence impact responses of the head and helmet. In this study, the effects of the presence of the body, in helmet oblique impacts, are investigated. Using the Finite Element method, oblique impacts of a(More)
Tactile sensors are essential if robots are to safely interact with the external world and to dexterously manipulate objects. Current tactile sensors have limitations restricting their use, notably being too fragile or having limited performance. Magnetic field-based soft tactile sensors offer a potential improvement, being durable, low cost, accurate and(More)
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