Mazda Moattari

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There are many methods for digital image stabilization. In this paper, a fast algorithm for the digital image stabilization is proposed that use background small area for digital image stabilization. Background areas are some parts of image that have not motion object and they are suitable for global motion estimation. by using background area most of the(More)
In this paper, an approach to DTC control scheme for induction machine is developed which makes DTC more applicable while it has lower torque ripple, lower flux ripple and almost fixed switching frequency rather than other DTC methods. Comparisons between simulation and practical results confirm that not any noticeable advantage of other developed DTCs is(More)
This paper presents a snake robot able to pass different and difficult paths because of special physical form and movement joints mechanism. These snake robots have no passive wheels. The robot moves by friction between the robot body and the surface on which it is. The joints have been designed and fabricated in a way that each joint has two freedom grades(More)
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