Mayurkumar Tamakuwala

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Fingolimod (FNGL) is an immune-modulatory agent prescribed for relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis. Because of its mechanism of action, FNGL is potentially a treatment for chronic, non-curable T-lymphocyte-driven inflammatory skin diseases (TLDISD) such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. Since severe side effects limit the systemic administration of(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the efficacy of topically applied 2% hydroxypropyl cellulose gels containing 0.5% fingolimod hydrochloride (FNGL) with or without 6% colloidal oatmeal in an in vivo model of atopic dermatitis (AD). METHODS AD-like lesions were induced in SKH1/Hr hairless mice and were treated with FNGL gels, non-medicated base gels and Elidel(®) cream(More)
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