Mayuresh Patil

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High-Altitude Long-Endurance (HALE) aircraft have wings with high aspect ratios. During operations of these aircraft, the wings can undergo large deflections. These large deflections can change the natural frequencies of the wing which, in turn, can produce noticeable changes in its aeroelastic behavior. This behavior can be accounted for only by using a(More)
The synthesis and potential H1 receptor antagonistic activity of two novel series of condensed 2-arylaminoethylpyrimidin-4(3H)-ones (4, 5) and 4-amino-2-arylaminoethyl pyrimidines (6) have been reported. All the novel compounds were found to antagonize histamine in a competitive and reversible manner. When tested on guinea-pig ileum, compounds exhibited(More)
The paper describes a formulation for aeroelastic analysis of aircraft with high-aspect-ratio wings. The analysis is a combination of a geometrically-exact mixed formulation for dynamics of moving beams and finite-state unsteady aerodynamics with the ability to model dynamic stall. The analysis also takes into account gravitational forces, propulsive forces(More)
The paper presents the theoretical basis for modal analysis of a general nonconservative system. The modal analysis uses only real modes in terms of the displacements as well as velocity coordinates and converts the system to a real, uncoupled, second-order form. This is the first time that such a transformation has been presented in the literature. Earlier(More)
The paper presents a methodology for calculating the flight dynamic characteristics and gust response of highly flexible aircraft. The aeroelastic model is based on a geometricallyexact, nonlinear beam model coupled with large angle aerodynamic model. The gust response is calculated based on various gust models. It is shown that the calculated gust response(More)