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First appearance deceives many: disentangling the Hemidactylus triedrus species complex using an integrated approach
The gekkonid lizard genus Hemidactylus Oken is the second most species-rich genus of geckos with greatest diversity in the tropical regions of the world. Some species of the genus are commensal andExpand
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Anthropometric Study of External Ear: A Comparative Study in Medical Students of Nepalgunj Medical College in Nepal
Background: Anthropometry is the measurements of the body parts in the living or dead persons with the help of instruments. Many studies in the past are done for various purposes such as: adding dataExpand
Study Of Nutrient Foramina In Adult Human Femur Bones
Background: The role of nutrient foramen (NF) in nutrition and growth of the bones is evident from term Nutrient itself. The nutrient foramen is opening of nutrient canal on the surface of shaft ofExpand
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A new species of fan-throated lizard of the genus Sitana Cuvier, 1829 from coastal Kerala, southern India.
We here describe Sitana attenboroughii sp. nov., a new species of fan-throated lizard of the genus Sitana Cuvier, 1829 from coastal Kerala in southern India. The new species morphologically is closerExpand
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The desert hamster Phodopus roborovskii (Satunin, 1903) (Rodentia, Cricetidae) from north-western Tibetan plateau, Ladakh, India: an addition to the mammalian fauna of the Indian subcontinent
Abstract During a systematic survey of the small mammals in the relatively unexplored north-western regions of the Tibetan plateau in India, we captured and identified the desert hamster PhodopusExpand
An Anthropometric Comparison of Inner Canthal Distance, Outer Canthal Distance and Canthal Index in the Indian and Nepalese Undergraduate Students of Nepalgunj Medical College
Background: The canthal distances are one of the most important aspects in ascessing the facial aesthetics. Several authors have described changes in the canthal distances attributable to race andExpand