Mayuree Lertwatechakul

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Ad Hoc wireless network consists of mobile nodes that do not rely on any fixed network infrastructure. The dynamic route is allocated for a pair of nodes by Ad Hoc on-demand routing protocol (AODV), that establishes a route only when a source node want to transmit data. Routes in Ad Hoc network can be broken caused by a node in the route may move out of(More)
Electronic voting system would be a convenient, secure and suitable for today life. Electronic voting system needs security mechanism to provide voter's privacy, safety, verifiable and correctness. In this paper, we propose a new electronic voting system that utilize ElGamal cryptosystem and secure vote printing in order to enhance more verifiable property(More)
The increasing of transportation demand in Thailand requires a lot of human resources to support the future railway system. Therefore, we have developed an in-house fixed-block train control simulation system to be used as a tool for helping learners to understand train control procedures. The train control simulation system combines of train model,(More)
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