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This paper explores uses and gratifications of a content community on a social network service - a music video sharing group on Facebook. In a two-stage study, 20 users first generated words or phrases to describe how they used the group, and what they enjoyed about their use. These phrases were coded into 34 questionnaire items that were then completed by(More)
Social networks are commonplace tools, accessed everyday by millions of users. However, despite their popularity, we still know relatively little about why they are so appealing and what specifically they are used for-what novel needs they meet. This paper presents two studies that extend work on applying Uses and Gratification theory to answer such(More)
Music and online Social Network Sites (SNS) are closely intertwined in popular culture, but we know relatively little about how performers use and take advantage of such social systems. This paper investigates this space by exploring how professional DJs leverage SNS in their work. It adopts a long term mixed-methods ethnographic approach encompassing(More)
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