Mayumi Yamashita

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BACKGROUND In several neurodegenerative disorders, toxic effects of glial cells on neurons are implicated. However the generality of the non-cell autonomous pathologies derived from glial cells has not been established, and the specificity among different neurodegenerative disorders remains unknown. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We newly generated(More)
Crosstalk between interferons (IFNs) and several cytokines is likely to play an important role in viral clearance in chronic hepatitides B and C. We investigated the influence of this phenomenon on IFN-inducible antiviral gene expression in HuH-7 human hepatoma cells. HuH-7 cells were treated with IFN-alpha in the absence or presence of interleukin-1beta(More)
Raman chemical imaging has become a powerful analytical tool to investigate the crystallographic characteristics of pharmaceutical ingredients in tablet. However, it is often difficult to discriminate some pharmaceutical excipients from each other by Raman spectrum because of broad and overlapping signals, limiting their detailed assessments. To overcome(More)
BACKGROUND Atropine sulfate is an anticholinergic agent for treatment of hypertrophic pyloric stenosis and is orally administrated as a triturate with lactose hydrate. Because of the low safety margin of atropine sulfate, triturate uniformity is a key safety factor. In this study, we assessed the uniformity of atropine sulfate in 1000-fold triturates(More)
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