Mayumi Suma

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PURPOSE A jaw motion tracking device that measures six degrees of freedom has recently been developed. Understanding jaw motion is useful, but previous measurement methods were impractical for use in dental clinics. The overall aim of this study was to demonstrate the simple operation, low cost, and high precision of a recently developed jaw tracking(More)
Male retired breeder F344/DuCrj rats of 17 months of age were purchased in three lots and maintained for aging studies until 25 months of age. These rats were compared with male virgin rats of the same strain for survival percentage, body weight and food consumption. In the retired breeders, decrease in body weight and low food consumption were noted after(More)
Due to the ever growing demand for high speed processors advancement in the technology regards to speed is the peak area of interest. The first word strikes when the parameter speed is concerned is multiplication. Since multiplication is an important fundamental function in all mathematical computations it dominates the execution time of most throughput(More)
Our seven-storey laboratory animal facility was damaged during the 1995 earthquake of magnitude 7.2. The seismic intensity experienced at our facility was estimated to be around 5 on the Japanese version of the Richter scale (a very strong shock). However, no damage was sustained to the water, gas or electricity supplies in many of the offices, the upper(More)
PURPOSE The 4-dimensional human body model that combines reconstructed 3-dimensional image data (CT and MRI) and exercise data of the human body is widely applied in the medical field. We have applied this technique to assess mandibular movement, particularly in dentistry, and developed a 4-dimensional system of analyzing mandibular movement. The aim of(More)
As the complexity of Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) is growing, testing becomes tedious and tougher. As of now fault models are used to test digital circuits at the gate level or below that level. By using fault models at the lower levels, testing becomes cumbersome and will lead to delays in the design cycle. In addition, developments in deep(More)
In this paper, a design methodology for MBIST (Memory Built In Self Test) which has a feature of executing multiple March algorithms to detect faults is proposed. SOCs have a wide range of memories. It is not possible to test different memory modules of a SoC with a single algorithm. Hence it is desirable to have a programmable MBIST controller capable of(More)
The Method of Moment (MoM) approach is applied to estimate the error induced by two parallel dipoles used as probe on the plane of open-ended waveguide aperture. Reflection coefficient of feed waveguide is calculated by using coefficients of the basis function obtained from Method of Moment (MoM) analysis. Using the existing field at the waveguide aperture,(More)
Multipliers are the major contributors to the overall throughput in most SoCs. Vedic arithmetic is a novel and simplified approach to perform complex operations. Any good design must be targeted for optimal Speed-Area Trade-off. Commercial application demands reliable and economical design which makes testability an important parameter. Stuck-at-fault model(More)
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