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The present study was conducted to study the effect of immunoneutralization against endogenous inhibin on FSH, LH, oestradiol-17 beta and progesterone secretion and to investigate the effect of removal of endogenous inhibin on subsequent follicular development in the hamster. After treatment with anti-inhibin serum (inhibin-AS) at 1100 h on day 2 of the(More)
The time course for loss of ability of Graafian follicles to secrete inhibin and estradiol was investigated during induced follicular atresia. Cyclic hamsters were hypophysectomized on Day 1 (estrus) and injected s.c. with 30 IU eCG. Thereafter, these animals were given a single i.p. injection of antiserum to eCG on the morning of Day 4 to induce follicular(More)
To investigate the physiological importance of oestradiol-17beta and inhibin in the regulation of gonadotrophin secretion in the cyclic golden hamster, females were passively immunized against two hormones. When 200 microL antiserum against oestradiol-17beta (oestradiol-AS) was given on Day 3 (Day 1 = day of ovulation), the preovulatory gonadotrophin surge(More)
“Hierba santa,” a Peruvian herbal medicine, is used to alleviate many symptoms, including headache, hemorrhoids, fever, and rheumatism. Several Cestrum species are said to be the origin of hierba santa. Three lots of hierba santa: Cestrum auriculatum (herb 1 and herb 2) and C. hediundinum (herb 3), which were purchased from Peruvian markets at Cuzco (Andes(More)
1. Two experiments were conducted to investigate the effect of dietary enzyme supplementation of a low-protein diet on performance, nitrogen excretion, fat deposition, hepatic lipogenic and lipolytic enzyme activity in 7-21- (Experiment 1) and 21-42-d-old (Experiment 2) male broiler chicks. 2. Chicks were given diets containing 210 g (Experiment 1) or 170 g(More)
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