Mayumi Morimoto

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BACKGROUND Japanese monkey, Macaca fuscata, is recognized as the monkey species inhabiting the northernmost area in the world, and thus likely to possess unique fat-depositing mechanisms to resist cold weather in winter. We report that obese females are present in the Wakasa group of Japanese monkey reared in an open enclosure of the Primate Research(More)
Non-invasive fetal sex determination is required for biomedical studies, in which some sexual difference would be expected in fetal events, in order to make a choice of male or female fetus. To detect male fetal DNA of the sex-determining region Y gene (SRY) in maternal macaque plasma, nested real-time PCR using the SYBR Green system was developed. In all(More)
We studied the importance of the management of puerpera by visiting midwives. We investigated their need for midwives in baby care and for themselves. The contents of their requirements were baby care counsel, breast massage and breast-feeding support. Mothers in a one-month period after delivery wanted breast-feeding support more increasingly than in one(More)
Variation in seed shadows generated by frugivores is caused by daily, seasonal, and inter-annual variation in ranging, as well as inter-specific variability in gut passage times according to seed characteristics. We studied the extent to which seed weight, specific gravity, and daily (morning, afternoon, and evening) and inter-annual (2004 vs. 2005)(More)
Using molecular chromosomal analyses, we discovered night monkey hybrids produced in captivity from matings between a female Aotus azarae boliviensis (2n = 50) and a male Aotus lemurinus griseimembra (2n = 53). The parents produced seven offspring in total, including one male and six females-a pattern consistent with Haldane's rule. Chromosomal studies were(More)
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