Mayumi MIKI

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In recent years, various types of equipment have become more intelligent. In this research, we propose an intelligent lighting system for providing the necessary illuminance to a desired location; actually construct a fundamental experiment system based on that concept; and verify the effectiveness of the newly developed control method. Verification tests(More)
In this paper, we propose a new type of parallel genetic algorithm model for multi objective optimization problems. That is called a " Master-Slave model with Local Cultivation model (MSLC) ". To clarify the characteristics and effectiveness of this model, the proposed model and the various EAs are applied to solve an antenna arrangement problem of mobile(More)
In this paper, the simulation of the multi-objective optimization problem of a diesel engine is performed using the phenomenological model of a diesel engine and the genetic algorithm. The target purpose functions are Specific fuel consumption, NOx, and Soot. The design variable is a shape of injection rate. In this research, we emphasize the following(More)
In recent years, various types of equipment have become more intelligent. In this research, we propose an intelligent lighting system using visible-light communication technology for direct communication between lighting fixtures and illuminance sensors in order to provide the necessary illuminance to a desired location. We actually constructed an(More)
In this study, the protein tertiary structure prediction systems on the grid are proposed for progress of the bioinformatics. The prediction is mainly performed by the protein energy minimization. However, this method has many iterated calculation of the protein energy in most cases. To use the grid as the large-scale computing environment would be valuable(More)
1. Abstract This paper proposes a new approach where some of the parameters in genetic algorithms are not necessary to be predetermined. The optimization problem is to minimize the volume of truss structures under tensile, buckling, and displacement constraints. The whole population is divided into several subpopulations which are called islands, and a(More)
In this study a new genetic algorithm (GA) using tabu: local search mechanism for large-scale computer systems is proposed. We call the GA that uses huge computing resources a mega process GA. The GA described in this paper is considered a mega process GA which has the effective mechanism to solve the problems quickly and to use massive processors, namely(More)
We propose a lighting system which adjusts lighting colors. The lighting system adjusting colors is a system that provides required illuminance and lighting color at an appropriate location. This system consists of many intelligent lighting with RGB fluorescent lamps, many chroma sensors and an electric power meter. These equipments are connected to a(More)
It is reported that simulated annealing (SA), which changes one design variable at a time, is effective when applied to high-dimensional continuous optimization problems. However, if a correlation exists among the design variables, it is not efficient to search each dimension. In this paper, we propose SA with a mechanism to determine an appropriate search(More)
This paper introduces the optimum design of co-generation system (CGS) using the genetic algorithm (GA). CGS is the energy reusing system which generates more than two energies from one energy source. To design CGS, the types of machines and load scheduling should be determined. However, the optimum design of CGS is too complicated even for the expert. One(More)