Mayumi Isaka

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The genomes of more than 50 organisms have now been manipulated due to rapid advancement of gene editing technology. One way to perform gene editing in the mouse using the CRISPR/CAS system, guide RNA (gRNA) and CAS9 mRNA transcribed in vitro are microinjected into fertilized eggs that are then allowed to develop to term. As a rule, gRNAs are tested first(More)
Previously we isolated revertants from a rat cell line transformed by recombinant murine retrovirus containing the v-src gene. These mutant cell lines, R78 and R107, showed low src-kinase activity, but retained wild-type transforming retrovirus, suggesting that a cellular gene involved in viral gene expression was mutated. Southern and Northern(More)
To investigate the cellular mechanism of transformation by retroviruses, we established a system for isolation of cellular and viral mutants for transformation of a rat cell line. Mutagenized untransformed cells of this line were infected with recombinant murine retrovirus containing the src gene of Rous sarcoma virus and the selective marker gene, neo.(More)
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