Mayuko Kojima

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Cardiomyocytes with myocarditis compared with the normal state are thought to change the expressions of various genes greatly, some of which may be new biomarkers or new biologic medicinal products. However, until now, little comprehensive analysis has been made of gene-expression changes in cardiomyocytes with myocarditis. In this study, we performed a DNA(More)
Mannose- or mannan-binding lectin (MBL) is a member of the collectin protein family, which includes lung surfactant proteins SP-A and SP-D. Each member consists of similar or identical polypeptide chains with a region of collagen-like sequence followed by a C-type lectin domain. The polypeptides associate in threes to form a subunit containing a(More)
There has been rapid progress in determining the mechanism by which complement is activated by the complex formed between Mannose-Binding Lectin and its associated proteases (MASPs). MBL and the MASPs are of low abundance, but are similar to the more abundant C1q-C1r2s2 complex (C1), which has been extensively investigated. In this review we summarise(More)
The micronutrient iron is an essential component that plays a role in many crucial metabolic reactions. The peptide hormone hepcidin is thought to play a central role in iron homeostasis and its expression is induced by iron overloading and inflammation. Recently, hepcidin has been reported to be expressed also in the heart; however, the kinetics of altered(More)
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