Mayron Rodrigues de Almeida

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This paper reviews the multiobjective fitness evaluation method called Energy Minimization (Zebulum et al, 1998a; Zebulum et al, 1998b; Zebulum et al, 2000a), and presents an analysis of the method's behavior when used in a genetic algorithm applied to production scheduling of a petroleum refinery. The experimental results are presented and analyzed,(More)
This article addresses the problem of scheduling in oil refineries. The problem consists of a multi-product plant scheduling, with two serial machine stages—a mixer and a set of tanks—which have resource constraints and operate on a continuous flow basis. Two models were developed: the first usingmixed-integer linear programming (MILP) and the second using(More)
This work develops a method that applies Genetic Algorithms (GAs) to solve scheduling problems and, in addition, combines GAs with a rule based system. GAs are applied to find and optimize the solutions generated for the scheduling problem of fuel oils and asphalt in the REVAP (Henrique Lage Refinery). The rule based system is applied to choose from the(More)
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