Mayrla Lima Pinto

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Maximal inspiratory pressures (MIP) and maximal expiratory pressures (MEP) are useful indices of respiratory muscle strength in athletes. The aims of this study were: to describe the strength of the respiratory muscles of Olympic junior swim team, at baseline and after a standard physical training; and to determine if there is a differential inspiratory and(More)
In order to compare its diagnostic value in the differentiation between malignant and hepatic ascites, we analysed the ascitic fluid concentrations of cholesterol (Ct) and triglycerides (Tg) and the serum-ascites albumin gradient (S-A alb grad) in 58 patients--forty one with chronic liver disease (CLD) and 17 with malignancy. In CLD group the mean values(More)
OBJECTIVE to analyze the spatial distribution of tuberculosis in Crato, Ceará, Brazil, from 2002 to 2011, aiming to check for a point pattern. METHODS This is an ecological, temporal trend and hybrid design study, with a quantitative approach. A total of 261 cases of tuberculosis were geo-referenced and 20 (7.1%) were considered as losses due to the lack(More)
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