Mayra Medécigo

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Anti-amyloid immunotherapy has been proposed as an appropriate therapeutic approach for Alzheimer's disease (AD). Significant efforts have been made towards the generation and assessment of antibody-based reagents capable of preventing and clearing amyloid aggregates as well as preventing their synaptotoxic effects. In this study, we selected a novel set of(More)
Leff, Philippe; Medina, Ma. Elena; Calva, Juan Carlos; Valdés, Armando; Acevedo, Rodolfo; Morales, Aline; Medécigo, Mayra; Antón, Benito Neurobiology of addiction neuroanatomical, neurochemical, molecular and genetic aspects of morphine and cocaine addiction. Part I Salud Mental, vol. 23, núm. 3, junio, 2000, pp. 46-51 Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatría(More)
Plasticity of the nervous system has been related to learning and memory processing as early as the beginning of the century; although, remotely, brain plasticity in relation to behavior has been connoted over the past two centuries. However, four decades ago, several evidences have shown that experience and training induce neural changes, showing that(More)
Drugs of abuse, including opiates and psychostimulants, induce both short and long-lasting effects on behavior and similarly exert profound changes in the neural circuits where these drugs operate producing neuronal adaptations and long term changes in synaptic plasticity. Such neuroadaptation occur as homestatic responses to excessive drug stimulation in(More)
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