Mayra A Hidalgo

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According to a popular benchmark reporting service, a diverse array of metabolizable energy values is being used in formulating diets for broiler chickens. Reducing dietary energy concentration while maintaining a constant ME:Protein ratio has been shown to result in equivalent broiler performance as compared to utilizing high energy diets when broilers are(More)
Caliciviruses are a well-established cause of respiratory, vesicular and hemorrhagic diseases in animals. In addition, these viruses are an important cause of enteric diseases in humans. Recently, molecular analysis of several bovine enteric calicivirus isolates indicated that they are genetically close to human enteric calicivirus. To investigate if bovine(More)
UNLABELLED Despite suggestions of a connection between endothelial damage and permeability alterations after ischemia and reperfusion in pulmonary tissue undergoing transplantation, no direct correlation between vascular endothelial discontinuity and parenchymal edema has yet been shown. METHODS Forty-two rat lungs were harvested and stored for 48 or 72(More)
The growth of a first filial generation (F1) of OF1 mice was studied following chronic exposure of their mothers and themselves to a magnetic field of 15 μT (rms) and 50 Hz. The parental generation (F0) remained for 98 days in this field, after that time they were mated, went through pregnancy, birth, lactation, and the weaning of their offspring in this(More)
A high priority in organ transplantation research is to increase the number of hours that an organ can be successfully preserved. Transplant programmes rely on hypothermia and flush solutions to maintain organ viability during the storage period. We studied long-term morphology in lungs stored for 24 or 48 hours using two modified versions of University of(More)
OBJECTIVE The aims of this study were: i) to identify morphological changes occurring in the endothelium of human umbilical veins subjected to the typical storage procedures used in transplantation and ii) to determine the relative efficacy of preservation solutions containing intra and extracellular levels of sodium and potassium. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN(More)
The body weight growth of OF1 mice, both females and males, from day of birth to 220 days old is studied herein. After comparison of different theoretical models, an extension of Koops's multiphasic functions, the tetraphasic, is proposed as the best choice in so wide a time interval in mouse development. This function has allowed us to take into account(More)
1. Hypothermic storage of whole organs flushed with a preservation solution is common practice in clinical transplantation. This procedure leaves vascular endothelial cells in direct contact with the preservation solution during the length of the cold ischaemic period. 2. Aiming to study the effects of organ preservation on vascular endothelium, we(More)