Mayor Michael Coleman

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Clinical supervision is both topical and novel among many practice disciplines so it is important to consider how to take such an important initiative forward. This article describes a series of workshops designed to achieve this aim. The article focuses on the participants' perceptions of clinical supervision and its relevance to their practice(More)
Many malpractice suits are brought not because of malpractice nor even because of complaints about the quality of medical care but as an expression of anger about some aspect of patient-doctor relationships and communications. The theory presented is that under the stress of anxiety and physical illness, some patients regress to childhood needs; physicians(More)
This paper describes the results of an evaluation of a multidisciplinary liaison service based in an A&E department of a district general hospital in South Wales. The aims of the services were to increase the rate of referral for psychosocial assessment of individuals who presented at the department following acts of deliberate self-harm and to increase the(More)
Unintentional injuries take the lives of more than 1,800 Minnesotans each year and send nearly 300,000 more to the emergency department and hospital. They result in enormous human suffering, affecting not only injured individuals, but also their families, friends and wider community. The cost of unintentional injuries in Minnesota is in the billions of(More)
Columbus " Get Green " Business Conference. The conference was organized by the Mayor's Green Team to showcase the success of Columbus area companies that have adopted sustainable business practices. Director of the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) outlined his vision for a green industrial park based on the belief that waste from one business(More)
This paper examines stances that are being adopted in relation to the current and future direction of mental health nursing practice. The argument is made that mental health nursing is being pushed into a direction that is essentially positivistic and narrow in its focus, stating that the current hegemony of thinking which dictates that our primary focus of(More)
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