Mayler G. A. Martins

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This paper presents the 15<i>nm</i> FinFET-based Open Cell Library (OCL) and describes the challenges in the methodology while designing a standard cell library for such advanced technology node. The 15<i>nm</i> OCL is based on a generic predictive state-of-the-art technology node. The proposed cell library is intended to provide access to advanced(More)
The use of Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) with majority voters can guarantee full single fault masking coverage for a given circuit against transient faults. However, it presents a minimum area overhead of 200% compared to the original circuit. In order to reduce area overhead without compromising significantly the fault coverage, TMR can use approximated(More)
In this paper, a novel solid state Nitric Oxide (NO) sensor made of a spin trap (iron(II)-diethyldithiocarbamate complex, FeDETC) encapsulated in a siloxane-poly(oxypropylene) (PPO) matrix was developed. Nitric oxide (NO), a free radical molecule, has numerous roles in various physiological functions, such as the regulation of blood pressure, immune(More)
This paper introduces a new algorithm for Boolean factoring. The proposed approach is based on a novel synthesis paradigm, functional composition, which performs synthesis by associating simpler sub-solutions with minimum costs. The method constructively controls characteristics of final and intermediate functions, allowing the adoption of secondary(More)
In this paper, a novel method to identify threshold logic functions (TLF) is proposed. Threshold logic is a promising alternative to conventional Boolean logic that has been recently revisited due to the suitability to emerging technologies, such as QCA, RTD, SET, TPL and spintronics. Identification and synthesis of TLF are fundamental tasks for the(More)
Quasi-Delay-Insensitive design is a promising solution for coping with contemporary silicon technology problems such as aggressive process variation and tight power budgets. However, one major barrier to its wider adoption is the lack of support for automated optimization techniques in semi-custom design flows. This paper proposes an innovative design flow(More)
Every Boolean function has a unique property called Minimum Decision Chain (MDC). This paper proposes an effective way to compute this property for arbitrary functions. The proposed method is very efficient when compared to a more direct and intuitive approach, that is used as the reference for performance analysis. Different examples have been evaluated,(More)