Maykel Verschueren

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The factors determining utilization of health care resources in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are poorly understood. In order to obtain insight into these factors, we studied the utilization of health care resources in 57 stable COPD patients with a forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1) of 36 +/- 9% predicted. Patients(More)
Laboratory testing of dentin adhesive systems still requires corroboration by long-term clinical trials for their ultimate clinical effectiveness to be validated. The objective of this clinical investigation was to evaluate, retrospectively, the clinical effectiveness of earlier-investigated dentin adhesive systems (Scotchbond, Gluma, Clearfil New Bond,(More)
This paper describes a novel device to simulate in vivo aroma release from liquids. This artificial throat simulates the act of swallowing followed by exhalation and shows aroma release curves that are similar in shape to in vivo release profiles. Liquids are poured down a tube, and a thin liquid film remains at the inner wall of the tube. Subsequently,(More)
Instruments used by dentists are often sterilized with steam sterilization. At this moment three types of processes are described in the European norms: Type N, S and B. According to the norms type N can be used for non-wrapped non-hollow instruments and non-porous instruments, type S can be used for instruments specified by the manufacturer and type B can(More)
In the framework of a cooperative EU research project (MILQ-QC-TOOL) a web-based modelling tool (Websim-MILQ) was developed for optimisation of thermal treatments in the dairy industry. The web-based tool enables optimisation of thermal treatments with respect to product safety, quality and costs. It can be applied to existing products and processes but(More)
NIZO food research (The Netherlands) has been working for the food industry, the dairy industry in particular, for over 50 years. During the past 15 years NIZO food research has put a lot of effort into developing predictive computer models for the food industry. Nowadays the main challenges in the production of powders are the development of specialities(More)