Maykel Pérez-González

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Twenty-three clovane derivatives, nine described here for the first time, bearing substituents on carbon C-2, have been synthesized and evaluated for their in vitro antifungal activity against the phytopathogenic fungus Botrytis cinerea. The results showed that compounds 9, 14, 16, and 18 bearing nitrogen atoms in the chain attached at C-2 displayed potent(More)
The synthesis of D-mannosyl, D-galactosyl and D-glucosyl theophylline nucleosides by diethoxymethyl acetate (DEMA)-induced cyclization of 4-amino-5-glycosylideneimino-1,3-dimethyluracil is reported. 8-Methyltheophylline derivatives of the same sugars were also prepared by Ac(2)O/H(+)-induced cyclization of their imine precursors. This approach has allowed(More)
Telomerase is a reverse transcriptase enzyme that activates in more than 85% of cancer cells and it is associated with the acquisition of a malignant phenotype. Some experimental strategies have been suggested in order to avoid the enzyme effect on unstopped telomere elongation. One of them, the stabilization of the G-quartet structure, has been widely(More)
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