Mayes Andrew

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Some patients with relatively selective hippocampal damage have shown proportionate recall and recognition deficits. Moreover, familiarity as well as recollection have been found to be impaired in some of these patients. In contrast, other patients with apparently similar damage presented with relatively preserved recognition despite having severely(More)
The measurement of cutaneous pain threshold using the Neuromod Selectra Model 7750 Transcutaneous Neuronal Electrical Stimulator is described. Pain threshold, measured in 520 healthy volunteers aged 5-105 years, increased with age. Consistent values were obtained in 22 healthy volunteers on three successive days. Pain threshold may be rapidly measured by(More)
This prospective randomized controlled double-blind trial was performed to investigate whether glyceryl trinitrate (GTN) ointment, applied ten minutes after the removal of a eutectic mixture of local anaesthetic cream, lignocaine/ prilocaine (EMLA), influences site selection for intravenous cannulation in children. Eighty children aged between five and 15(More)
The efficacy of EMLA cream combined with glyceryl trinitrate (GTN) ointment was assessed by a double-blind prospective study. Adult female patients were randomly allocated to receive either EMLA 1 ml or 2 ml combined with GTN 2 mg, or EMLA 2 ml only. The difference in pain scores between the three groups was not statistically significant. When GTN was used(More)
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